Savix (SVX)

A perfect DeFi collateral

Review Score
ICO Price
32 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
250 ETH
Hard Cap
1166 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
25 January 2021
Pre ICO End Date
22 February 2021
Start Date
8 March 2021
End Date
29 March 2021

What is Savix?

Savix is both a
1) DeFi staking product and
2) a Defi ecosystem using SVX tokens as collateral.

1) Savix offers a unique staking mechanic embeded into the ERC20 protocol. Staking rewards go directly to a holders wallet free of gas / fees. Its is very easy to use, simply HOLD and EARN.

2) SVX holders can use their token in third party smart contracts for lending, yield farming, or any other application in addition to earning rewards from the built in staking system. Savix’ main objective is to let investors profit as much as possible from new opportunities created by decentralized finance with as less barriers as possible. Staking works automated while keeping full flexibility of token usage.

Unique Advantages For Investors:

– Ready-to-run Product: Real time staking starts shortly after end of sale

– Very scarce supply of 100,000 tokens

– Long term “hype potential”: several additional developments ready to be implemented; flexible use as collateral enables profiting from new DeFi hypes arising

– Great growth potential due to broad target group: Ordinary DeFi users including beginners, not technically experienced only

Staking Rewards:

With Savix users don’t have to do anything to receive their staking returns. It is completely automatic. Staking rewards are highest directly after trading started. This is designed to set some buying and holding incentives kick-starting the ecosystem by rewarding early investors with daily interest rates of more than 2% within the first days after the staking starts. If you start with an investment of 100 Savix (SVX) you acquire before the staking mechanism is activated (directly after trading has begun), you can expect rewards according to the table as follows:

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