Sensitrust (SETS)

The Decentralized Job Marketplace

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0.08 EUR
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0.05 EUR
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Pre ICO Start Date
1 March 2020
Pre ICO End Date
30 June 2020
Start Date
1 July 2020
End Date
31 December 2020

What is Sensitrust?

Sensitrust is a platform where customers and professionals get in touch, make deals and design new projects. Every phase exploits blockchain technologies, managed by Smart Contracts, and supported by Artificial Intelligence.
Sensitrust will help people to establish and grow a professional network, to easily find providers of products and services of interest, or to design a project that will be realized by experts. The only limit is your imagination!



Seeking for a professional? Sensitrust will allow you to search for any kind of professionals and service providers from around the world Hire a professional.

Hire a professional

Define requirements and constraints of the desired product/service and hire a professional from the Sensitrust catalogue.
– Lock the agreed compensation.
Allocate the agreed amount, which will be kept locked by a smart contract until the delivery of the product/service.
– Evaluate the result.
Evaluate the result with the support of a set of expert reviewers. Once approved, the smart contract releases the compensation to the professional.

Seeking for a job opportunity?

Sensitrust will allow you to candidate yourself to participate to call for actions, projects and activities   – Participate to a call
Select a call to which you can contribute with your skills and propose yourself to perform an activity.
  – Negotiate your participation
Find an agreement about the requirements of the product/service that you will provide, as well as of the constraints to be satisfied.
  – Provide the result and get rewarded
Once you provide the product/service, and after a positive evaluation, you will receive the agreed compensation.


Call to action

Propose a challenge that suits your needs. We match the best candidate professionals for you!
As creator of the call:
– Propose a challenge
– Select a proposal
– Give away a reward 
As a professional:
– Accept the challenge
– Do your best
– Be the leader!


A place to learn and grow

The professional growth of people is one of our main goals. With Sensitrust, trainees will gain access to learning resources, courses, and opportunities to contribute to real activities and projects. Their effort will be truly recognized and rewarded!
Supported by Artificial IntelligenceAll the activities within the platform, ranging from the selection of opportunities to the automated revision of products and services, will exploit sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques developed by our team of experts. Supported tasks:
– Prediction of customer satisfaction
– Recommendations on the specs of products and services
– Suggestion of professionals
– Suggestion of opportunities
– Automated review of the results

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