ShowMeBiz (EXPO)

Innovative Business VR/AR Platform

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20 January 2018
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1 March 2018
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15 August 2018
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What is ShowMeBiz?

GLOBAL & VIRTUAL EXPO — is an innovative platform designed to change the standards of maintenance, development and interaction between all kinds of businesses around the globe with the help of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

“This technology will bring us closer to the future today!”

The project aims to transfer business into virtual reality making it accessible to all willing participants with the help of VR and AR technologies.

Chronological review of business migration into the VR format

2007 — while internet becomes widespread, various companies make their own footholds in the Web. Online business cards, web-shops, blogs and various media content helps them to attract attention of target audience.

2013 — smartphones turn the tables. Sites look clumsy and crowded on phone screens. Firms start developing individual applications with interface comfortable for phone users.

2017 — there are more than 2 million applications in AppStore and another 4 million in PlayMarket. The number of downloads exceeds 15 billion!

By 2020 most market leaders plan to decrease the number of physical offices around the globe and replace them with virtual ShowRoom.

The development of VR and AR technologies gains momentum. Those who are able to use the innovations right now ensure the growth of their business. Their profits will rise in an exponential manner.

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