SIM Group (SIMC)

Building the future Together

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
0.00028 USD
Soft Cap
350,000 USD
Hard Cap
750,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
24 August 2019
Pre ICO End Date
7 September 2019
Start Date
12 October 2019
End Date
12 February 2020

What is SIM Group?

The SIM Group Project is a Tron Blockchain Based EcoSystem.
Our goal is to develop Ideas and products submitted to it’s platform and voted for by it’s users.


We are a society that is Incentivized for loyalty and ingenuity.
A community that can continually deliver successful products and building them together for a Mutual benefit.

We want to be on the journey of success together, we believe that many brains are better than few. Our team comes from all corners of the globe, much like our participants, and we believe by empowering our community we can bring more ideas to the table.

Our platform has already begun being developed. By doing this, investors will see what they are investing in creating trust and excitement. This is how we will do it:
• We have begun development of our first product (SIMvote) prior to start of ICO.
• This will allow us to release screenshots and display functioning portions of SIMvote at the same
time as commencing the initial token sale of SIMc. As well as showing additional progress
throughout ICO.
• The funds raised from the SIMc token sale will pay for the completion of the SIM Platform (SIM
Platform is our ecosystem where we interact, develop and produce our products).
• The completion of the SIM Platform will give us the the ability to then commence the first
community driven product from concept to release.
• The SIM development team will use the platform sub-services to engage with community to
select & define the next community product.
• The SIM Development team will complete product, release and then manage it on behalf of the
• Then we continually repeat this process over and over again, building our portfolio.
So what does this mean?

We will have product progress available at the time that the SIMc ICO begins, giving our
participants both security and confidence.

We are all about honesty and total transparency.

The SIM Group Project is a Tron Blockchain Based EcoSystem.
Our goal is to develop Ideas and products submitted to it’s platform and voted for by it’s users.
By holding SIMc and submit your idea, you will not only be rewarded for for holding, but also get get rewarded if your idea gets created.
Join SIM Group and let us together make difference in the crypto world

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