Slate (SLX)

SLATE is a blockchain-based entertainment utility protocol powered by a cryptographically secure multilayered network.

Review Score
ICO Price
0.27 USD
Pre ICO Price
0.2 USD
Soft Cap
20,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
100,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
11 May 2018
Pre ICO End Date
9 June 2018
Start Date
27 June 2018
End Date
17 July 2018

What is Slate?

SEG’s mission is to disrupt the entertainment industry using a blend of technology and integrity. SEG seeks to demonstrate how a for-profit business operating with corporate conscience can achieve greater rewards for every person connected to the Slate Ecosystem. SEG expects that the result will be an enriched experience for consumers and creators. To accomplish this, SEG plans to introduce BINGE, a blockchain video on demand platform; SLATIX, an electronic ticketing application; and SLATE, a digital utility token. To facilitate the functionality of the token and platforms, SEG’s plan is to design and build SlateChain – a blockchain media delivery and storage protocol that can be shared by small and medium enterprise for years to come.

SLATE (SLX) intends to be the digital currency of the entertainment economy, providing access to premium entertainment. Built on blockchain technology, its distributed, immutable ledger enables secure, trustless payments and structured incentives. It will be used as payment for Binge subscriptions, transactional purchases, and tickets to all events offered through Slatix.
BINGE aims to be the first decentralized streaming platform to utilize the power of distributed ledger technology through the introduction of Blockchain Video on Demand (BVOD). For the Binge streaming media platform, blockchain technology will facilitate the transparent sharing of behavioural analytics designed to understand what consumers like and why. The Binge model of complete transparency aims to be an entertainment industry-first. The platform’s
objective is to ensure equitable sharing of not only the economic waterfall between content provider and creator, but of valuable data that will help creators produce better content.
SLATIX is designed to be a feature-rich electronic ticketing application offering unique rewards, incentives, and providing mobile devices unparalleled access to all things entertainment. Among the proposed benefits are near-zero fees, meaningful discounts, legitimate reviews, and verified ‘counterfeit-proof’ tickets for purchases to activities such as movies, concerts, plays, sports events and anywhere tickets are required for entry.

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