Smart Gear (GEAR)

Smart Gear is a decentralized sharing-transportation service.

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0.000055ETH 1GEAR=0.01167$
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Start Date
8 October 2018
End Date
7 November 2018

What is Smart Gear?

As for four consumption areas of food, clothing, shelter and transportation in market, transportation is an area with the highest penetration rate of “sharing economy”. Since 2012 to today, the online car-hailing has always been rapidly developing and in fierce competition. The car-sharing begins to develop in 2014 and forms an industry scale of more than 300 companies in China. The bicycle-sharing rapidly shoots to fame in 2016 with global put volume of more than 23 million units. The development of Internet has activates trillion-scale transportation market, built diversified transportation modes and cultivates users’ usage and consumption habits. It may be confirmed that the future market scale for transportation will inevitably be expanded at in an unceasing way.

While the transportation is also an area with the most serious resources waste, the platform of “sharing transportation” in the market is basically a “false sharing” with the B2C mode which purchases and rents vehicles (cars and bicycles) in the name of “sharing”. In the other hand, there is large quantity of idle private cars so that resources waste and car owners also need to bear high costs of insurance, parking fees and vehicle depreciation. We hope to change this abnormal current situation.

Through the research and understanding of block chain, we found that characteristics of technology of block chain-decentralization, point-to-point network, time stamp, tamper-resistance, consensus mechanism and smart contract which are interlinked with sharing economy in nature. Therefore, we build a sharing transportation platform of Smart Gear block chain. We hope to build a genuine sharing transportation platform throughout efforts so as to solve idle issue of social vehicles and make contribution for relief of city’s traffic jam as well as energy-saving and emission reduction. We regard this as our object and our mission.

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