SmartChain Media (SCM)

The Evolution Of Entertainment & Crowdfunding

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14,000,000 USD
Start Date
1 June 2018
End Date
31 January 2019

What is SmartChain Media?


SmartChain Media is an interactive media company that aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry by leveraging innovative blockchain technology. With the entertainment industry currently at a crossroads, we intend to tip the scales and usher in a new era of content production and consumption by offering premium, crowdfunded streaming content, as well as unprecedented levels of engagement between viewers and creators, all on our cutting-edge Web 3.0 platform.

Within the past year, we have seen consumer viewing trends shift dramatically in favor of streaming content. For the first time in history, viewers of TV shows, film, and other content are now utilizing streaming services more than traditional TV set-top boxes. With this shift, producers are looking to find the most effective, profitable, and innovative platforms to host their content and reach the right audience. They are also eager to retain creative control and authenticity in their content, which has not been possible within existing Hollywood studio and network TV models.

Driven by Millennials and Gen Z, viewers today are demanding a more diverse array of content, as well as more niche content to satisfy their specific interests. They also desire engagement and interactivity with the content they watch, which traditional entertainment companies and existing streaming services do not or cannot offer. The result is that more consumers are cutting the cords on their TVs and cable plans but are now paying large sums of money for subscriptions to numerous streaming platforms, which still don’t offer the personalized experience and engagement they long for.

We believe there is a better way. With SmartChain Media, we intend to disrupt the entertainment industry by inviting both fans and content creators to take an active role in what is the most fundamental shift in industry since cable and satellite TV entered the mainstream.

Our web platform and mobile app is called iProdoos, which will represent the evolution of entertainment, crowdfunding, and streaming content based on Web 3.0 blockchain technology.

With use of the blockchain, we are building a tokenized ecosystem where users can fund the development of the content they love and the ideas they want to see brought to life. Users will be able to earn our proprietary MediaCoins, based on the success of the projects they support, which can be used within our platform or exchanged for fiat.

We will also cut out middlemen from all transactions and interactions between fans and creators, facilitating a truly fan-driven, organic environment that does not require advertising budgets or Hollywood relationships in order for creators to get their work seen and funded.

iProdoos is poised to become an integral player in the transition from traditional TV and cable services to online streaming services and beyond. Our goal is to create a healthier, more sustainable entertainment industry where consumers are getting the content they want, and producers can find their audience and maintain creative control over their work, all powered by the blockchain.

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