Spin509 (SPIN)

The Security Bridge Between The Blockchain Community And Traditional Cloud Services.

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What is Spin509?

As a new wave cybersecurity company that always goes in step with the newest technology trends and market needs for a greater security of data, Spin509 is planning to implement the Blockchain powered Certificates Authority service based on secure X.509 certificates and Blockchain nodes to help 3rd-party providers implement Blockchain powered Single Sign-On technology (BSSO) for Cloud Services such as G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, and many others. Here we are going to use a hybrid blockchain model with private and public blockchains, both Ethereum based.

In terms of x.509 certificates there are 2 very well known PKI problems and we are going to provide unique solutions here:

User identity. Sometimes it’s not easy to identify a user and it requires strong procedures that are not user-friendly. Our solution uses the leading Cloud Service Providers like Google, Microsoft, SalesForce, Facebook, etc. as a user identity source so it issues a X.509 certificate based on the user profile we get from these cloud services that makes this process hassle-free, user-friendly and trusted.
Root certificate security. Our solution uses Blockchain instead of root certificate where we store checksum of a new certificate in the blockchain and when a user wants to login, the X.509 certificate is applied a checksum and this digest is compared to the record in the blockchain. If valid you can login, otherwise access is denied. In that case blockchain helps us to identify valid certificates and prevent the creation of fake certificates.
Both solutions are unique on the market and make our company different from the competitors who provide traditional X.509 certificate using a centralized architecture.

In our opinion, this is the most secure data leak protection currently available on the market that provides a password-free access to your critical SaaS data based on decentralized architecture through a secure certificate that can be easily installed on any device, with a high level of protection of the certificate itself at all stages.

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