Sportcash One (SCOne)

Blockchain for Sport industry

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
0.9 EUR
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
5,005,000 EUR
Pre ICO Start Date
1 June 2019
Pre ICO End Date
1 July 2019
Start Date
1 July 2019
End Date
1 August 2019

What is Sportcash One?

Our project is a Platform for the Sports Industry with safe transactions secured by a blockchain system. Our project will be built on the Waves Platform, will be named Sportcash One, and we will be using 2 tokens, an SCOne Utility Token to purchase real world and digital goods directly through the platform and a Diamond Token that will reward our users for promoting, using and sharing our token economy and social media platform. We have a Loyalty Program, a Multi-Vendor Shop and a Social Network with crowdfunding, where Brands, Shops, Athletes, Clubs and Fans participate together in our Programs. Companies can use our Loyalty Programs to reward their customers and sell more products.

Sportcash One began with two mechanisms: the ability to make a donation that financially incentivized good Athletes and helpful Environmental Projects. The customers earn Coins as they make purchases and they can use those Coins for rewards, discounts or special deals.

Our Customer Loyalty program combined with Blockchain, provides cheap and fast transfers between customers and companies on our network.

Sportcash One Coins are in a central position, connecting all participants. In addition to our Customer Loyalty program we will integrate 3 more programs into our ecosystem:

1) The Payment Program brings vendors and buyers together without a central bank. We offer vendors a store in our multi-vendor Sportcash One shop, where clients can spend their purchased or earned Sportcash One Coins with ease.

2) Through our Charity Program, users can donate funds to support charitable projects of their choice.

3) The Athletes Program, where Brands and Fans can support their favourite athletes in our Social Sports Network.

This Ecosystem will have full payment and donation integration with our Sportcash One Coins.

We want to blur the line between the cryptocurrency merchants and ordinary consumers and build a complete payment, charity, loyalty and financial support platform for the sports industry.

To ensure the use of every advantage that Blockchain technology has to offer, we have chosen the Waves Platform as our support structure, ensuring fast transactions and a scalable solution to be as future proof as possible.

Sportcash One provides programs and services to brands, shops, associations and athletes, to offer them every advantage of secure, transparent and fair deals secured by our Blockchain ecosystem.

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