SportyFi (SPF Token)

Sports Investment & Funding Ecosystem

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
1,500,000 USD
Hard Cap
16,000,000 USD
Start Date
21 August 2017
End Date
8 December 2017

What is SportyFi?


Everyone loves sport. It drives us to challenge our limits, keeping us healthier, happier and passionately motivated. Sport boosts self-esteem and brings people closer together. Yet the sports industry today is an enormous, trillion-dollar commercial enterprise involving countless participants on all levels of economic activity, where goods and services are traded daily all over the world.

Athletes, especially up-and-coming ones at the outset of their professional careers, face many issues when it comes to funding their training and participation in worldwide competitions. Many athletes depend exclusively on institutions that control financing in sport, which then own their image rights and career path. Many clubs and other sports organizations also frequently struggle with financial and liquidity issues, lacking channels to monetize their fans’ attention SportyCo is about to change this.

SportyCo will provide the wider global community with ways to invest in sport, giving both fans and potential investors the tools to directly participate in one of the biggest and fastest growing industries. By disrupting the existing model of sports   participation financing, SportyCo will allow the sports community to raise funds independently across the world, creating brand new strategies for investment into sport. To achieve this, SportyCo will launch a Smart Manager Platform.

SportyCo, a decentralized sports ecosystem, is set to facilitate change and reshape the sports financing industry. It will be a smart ecosystem, a global community that runs on the Ethereum platform, utilizing smart contract capacities and other benefits of the blockchain revolution to minimize the logistical issues and related costs, and to maximize potential for low-overhead, secure and instant transactions between the participants in the sports economy, alongside new ways for athletes and sports entities to reach funding opportunities.

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