Stackr (STKR)

The Saving Solution for the Blockchain Community

Review Score
ICO Price
0.1 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
7,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
25,000,000 USD
Start Date
15 January 2019
End Date
28 February 2019

What is Stackr?

“Stackr” or the “Stackr Solution2 ” is a complete global long-term savings solution, through which a personalized trust structure allows investors to hold a diversified portfolio of both capital and digital assets. The intersection of traditional finance and modernday financial technology has enabled the Stackr Group to pioneer this innovative, secure and flexible savings solution in a regulated environment.

Saving has long been the cornerstone of wealth generation. As technology evolves, it is apparent that savings solutions need to move forward in a similar manner. The Stackr Group promises exactly this by minimizing traditional frictions (fees, taxes etc…) that adversely impact savings solutions, while providing dynamic investment choices within a secure trust structure. Stackr is the first of its kind. The core investment choices are curated with an emphasis on delivering long-term sustainable results. Digital asset exposure affords investors an opportunity to track an index of top crypto assets with the option of protecting against drawdown. Capital asset choices allow investors exposure to global markets, with a machine learning driven risk management approach facilitating adaptive long-term exposure. The ability to hold fiat (US$) and crypto affords investors flexibility.

Stackr clients will benefit from an affordable, personalized international Trust Account, which allows for the nomination of beneficiaries, and facilitates smooth intergenerational transfer on a tax-efficient basis. Consolidated administration and third-party custody keep assets safe while a web portal enables ease of use and flexibility. The Stackr Solution will launch alongside the sale of Stackr Cayman Limited’s STKR tokens. The STKR token generation event (TGE) will be instrumental in providing the funding required to promote user adoption and disintermediate the investment industry. Stackr Cayman Limited intends to use funds raised in the course of the Token Sale to continually improve the Stackr solution, utilizing the latest research and technology. Holding STKR tokens qualifies investors for a significant reduction in Stackr fees, while 25% of the net profit generated by the Stackr Group will be used in a buy and burn protocol. The utility of the STKR token should support its price, which is also clearly linked to the success of the Stackr Solution.

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