Stips (STIPS)

Decentralized Crypto-Finance Ecosystem

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ICO Price
0.1 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
4,400,000 USD
Hard Cap
11,400,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
15 November 2018
Pre ICO End Date
15 December 2018
Start Date
16 December 2018
End Date
15 January 2019

What is Stips?


There is the only way to increase the chances to invest successfully and improve the market with correct decisions. It requires a unique cryptocurrency financial ecosystem, developed by market experts and ensuring transparent, reliable and efficient investment activities, as well as instruments essential for fundamental analysis and forecasting.

According to the recent research data, most people want to invest in cryptoassets; however, they are baffled due to highly-speculative market environment and lack of tools to enable longterm fundamental analysis. Our team has developed a concept of a decentralized platform STIPS|Oculus, armed with innovative fundamental analysis algorithms. The following chapters of the present White Paper will give richer description of the platform.

Index, another product of our team, was designed for funds, traders, and private investors. The key purpose of the cryptocurrency index is to create an indicator that can characterize the general trend and pace of token movements. Funds accumulating investors’ money may use as a guide to purchase most liquid tokens. Investors will be able to compare ROI with the market-average cryptocurrency dynamics, in order to evaluate efficiency and expediency when choosing a fund. Traders can exploit the index to see the real-time market picture and make informed decisions.

The next stage of our work was creation of a tokenized index fund STIPS|20Fund that follows the index. This helps to invest in cryptocurrency, quickly and securely, following buy-and-hold strategy that proved its efficiency both on classic securities markets and in cryptocurrency. Veteran experience of the most prestige financial institutions verified the potency of passive investments.

Along with launching STIPS|Oculus, we will start developing the algorithmic fund STIPS|Smart Fund, which is to be empowered with analytical tools to make fully decentralized and informed decisions on distributing resources within the fund. Further, STIPS|Smart Fund will follow the way of STIPS|20Fund and be the first-ever cryptocurrency fund charged with AI capabilities.

Besides, the platform will have the full scope of instruments to customize the desktop by virtue of widgets; providing a user with access to third-party services (exchanges, funds, technical analysis tools, etc.).

Based on EOS Blockchain, the unified ecosystem STIPS|FinTech with STIPS token is transparent, secure, automated, and has everything to take the lead in forming the cryptoasset management industry. We are creating an infrastructural project that will not only enable profitable investing but also improve the cryptomarket through distributing investors’ resources across decent and fair projects produced by promising and trustworthy teams.

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