Subsquid (SQD)

The Web3 Data Lake

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0.094 USD
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Start Date
18 January 2024
End Date
18 January 2024

What is Subsquid?

Subsquid Network is an innovative decentralized data lake and query engine designed to offer developers performant and permissionless access to data, aiming to build a neutral and open internet rooted in Web3 principles. Secured by ZK proofs, the Subsquid network boasts a modular architecture that enables exceptional scalability and developer convenience optimized for blockchain indexing, dApp development, and analytics.

Subsquid is a response to unscalable and rigid monolithic indexing frameworks that had previously gained popularity and market traction among Web3 developers. Today, these frameworks are struggling to adapt in a rapidly evolving blockchain environment. Additionally, the network serves as a highly efficient and decentralized alternative to centralized infrastructure firms, including large RPC and API providers.

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