Surveychain (SVC)

Market research describes the organized effort to gain and analyze information about target markets and customers.

Review Score
ICO Price
523064.348712 USD
3000 ETH
Pre ICO Price
871773.91452 USD
5000 ETH
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
100,000,000 SVC
Start Date
20 April 2018
End Date
11 May 2018

What is Surveychain?

With the aid of trusted and secure transactions the need for research screeners becomes obsolete, the provided data by the respondent will be qualified by the blockchain-authenticated data. This will lead to more qualitative and quantitative profiles for research, where you will be able to re-target the participant for further studies without having to re-screen them. Records on the blockchain are immutable and responses will be verified by a smart contract.

With Surveychain you will be able to import already existing and future research data and reports into one blockchain, this will help you speed up analysis and reduce costs by having more qualitative data. This will be handled by a multi-signature contract (oracle) which will be able to verify the provided data with real-word occurrences and forward the data with the help of a smart contract. You can also choose if you want to encrypt your data and reports or make them publically available. (This can be individually changed)

Another top priority of Surveychain is the specialization in market research focusing on blockchain technology. The blockchain and its nature of decentralized, transparent data is already providing amazing research data, which needs to be analyzed and structured to extract market relevant data from it. This will help us create extensive reports on those emerging markets and will allow other companies to use the gathered data in their own market research created with Surveychain. The adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payment option for services and goods is increasing and will also lead to a higher demand for blockchain and cryptocurrency related market research.

Research and survey results can’t be altered once they are on the blockchain. This will eliminate data-altering, research fudging and result falsifying, it will also help in nullifying false evaluation of research data. As research participant you will also have the ability to track your data, so you always know where, when and how it was used.

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