Symbioses (SYM)

Decentralized Cloud Computing

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7,000 ETH
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45,000 ETH
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What is Symbioses?


Symbioses, a decentralized ecosystem for monetizing the spare computing resources of any device with a processor. It combines the available resources into accessible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions available in a payas-you-go manner.

Fully compatible with existing cloud solutions and advanced distributed computing technologies, Symbioses empowers connected devices to forge their computing resources into turn-key SaaS solutions, determining their price, negotiating terms, executing agreements and gathering the rewards. Its main pillars are a multi-platform, multi-OS application that takes care of SaaS execution based on the availability of the device; integration with non-interoperable computing networks; a tokenized incentive program for end users to offer their resources to the network; an off-chain, abstraction layer to maximize the response time of the network and minimize the transaction fees; and a decentralized consensus engine over a blockchain payment ledger.

The economic model built into the Symbioses Ecosystem creates an open market for the monetization of valuable assets, e.g., computing power, by hosting readily available SaaS solutions for end consumers. It introduces key incentives and dynamics that not only support the SYM token, but also promote its price and usage, also correlating them with the cryptocurrency market. By providing a free and automated application, Symbioses aims at lowering the entry point barriers of state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, thus allowing the general public to seamlessly exploit and monetize the spare resources of computing devices

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