Syntera (SSC)

Syntera ecosystem combines the sharing economy and blockchain. We form trust between the participants, using smart contracts for interaction.

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
15,000,000 USD
Start Date
1 April 2018
End Date
30 May 2018

What is Syntera?

The Syntera Vision
– To build a democratic community based on the sharing economic model
– To bring about the financial success of every participant in our community
– To encourage philanthropic activities both within and outside our community

The Community
The most crucial factor determining the success of any project is the community. We aim to create a democratic platform whereby major decisions are collectively made. We hope to build a vibrant and creative environment where there is synergy of ideas and cooperation. And very importantly, the community will be a place where every member can seek the help and resources to realise his personal needs and financial goals.

The Foundation
That’s us. We are the guys that develop the software backbone to serve the needs of the community and ensure that the platform runs smoothly day-to-day. We are also the people who manages the philanthropic programs on behalf of the community. As and when needed, we may bring in associates from the community to work on specialized programs with us.

The Syntera Consensus Platform
Every member of the community is important to us. We want to build a true democracy where decision-making are decentralized and collectively made. The consensus platform will allow ideas and proposals to be put forward, discussed and voted on. Once approved, the platform will ledger the decision and if possible, automatically enforce it.

Community Philanthropy
A big part of our Syntera community will be its philanthropic and social activities. A big portion of our resources will be channeled into charity works – which could dealing with climate change, or aiding research into future medicine, or even responding to disasters in any part of the world. The actual nature of these works will be subjected to the decision-making process of the Consensus platform.

Financial Success with the Syntera Financial Platform
For our community to accomplish its philanthropic aims, all its members should first be financially successful. When one is financially abundant, only then the member will have the money and time to contribute to charity efforts. To this end, the Syntera Financial Platform will include several components that allow members to participate in various investment plans backed by cryptocurrencies.

The Sharing Economy powered by smart contracts
The shortest path to financial success is a 2-prong approach: a. Increasing net worth by earning and investing and b. reducing the cost of living. In short, this is “earning more and spending less”.

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