Tachain (TCHN)

The Future of Travelling and Advertizing

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0.01 USD
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10,000,000 USD
Start Date
23 July 2018
End Date
30 June 2019

What is Tachain?

Urban population is growing all over the world, people tend to move from rural areas into cities searching for higher income and better infrastructure. According to The World Bank statistics urban population has grown from around 33% in 1960 to more than 54% in 2016. Such urbanization leads to substantial challenges for the cities to provide enough available logistics options than can be fast and convenient. These challenges have opened a window of opportunity for transportation service providers to grow their business and earn much higher profits. However, transportation business and infrastructure had to adjust to digital era and become more innovative, convenient and user friendly. It can be proved by examples of taxi service providers like Uber and Grab, as well as by substantial innovations in public transportation ecosystems in majority of the countries around the world.

Creation of taxi mobile applications has allowed users to order a taxi via smart phone, pay for it from the credit card linked to your account, as well as substantially decreased waiting time for the users. Moreover, it allowed taxi service providers to connect to a mobile application and use its infrastructure in order to receive orders, execute them and receive payments. For small and medium companies such option not only significantly decreases operational costs, but also connects service provider to a big customer base of mobile application users.

Modern transportation ecosystems also allow to do everything via mobile phone. It is easy to plan your route and follow it.

People have got used to seeing advertisements everywhere they go and public transport, as well as taxis are not exclusions. However, most of the time the majority of advertisements are irrelevant to each particular person. Advertisers, on the other hand have difficulties to make targeted marketing campaigns and get higher returns on their investments in advertising.

Transportation and advertising network – Tachain – has found interesting synergy in these elements of daily life of every person who lives in urban area and is offering revolutionary solution. All the interactions between the customer and transportation service provider will be stored in blockchain. Customers will be able to rate transportation agents and all the rating details, including comments will be available to all other users. Drivers will be also able to rate customers and their attitude. By doing all that, customers, as well as service providers, will earn TCHN tokens. Additionally, users will be able to watch targeted mobile advertisements while driving and earn even more TCHN tokens.

AdNet advertising platform will be created for advertising partners in order to easily and effectively integrate their content into our ecosystem. To be able to join advertising platform, advertisers will need TCHN tokens.

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