Ternion (TRN)

The Digital Reserve Currency for Everyone

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29 June 2018
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30 September 2018
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1 October 2018
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11 February 2019

What is Ternion?



From the Ancient Roman denarius to the Italian florin and to the US dollar, the history of international currencies stretches back thousands of years, showing humanity’s intrinsic desire for the dependability and freedom offered by currency that isn’t restrained by borders.

Today, the rising tide of decentralized finances, coupled with the artificial nature of fiat currencies, points ever more towards cryptocurrency becoming the go-to monetary system in an increasingly digital, globalized world.

Yet in the rush for innovation, cryptocurrency creators are trying and failing to jump over an insurmountable chasm straight into a fully decentralized future, ignoring lessons from the past, which illustrate how all innovation, whether technological, financial, or otherwise, has its time and place, being achieved through the gradual evolution of the old into the new.

With Ternion, our goal is to build a reliable bridge to connect modern financial realities with the decentralized financial systems of the future, facilitating practical innovation in cryptofinance.

Instead of chasing the same technological innovation as the majority of blockchain startups, our aim is to utilize the most reliable existing technology to solve pressing cryptofinance problems.

And instead of simply superimposing traditional financial structures onto the blockchain, we intend to connect existing financial institutions with the decentralization of currencies and assets going on in the blockchain realm.

To this end, we’ve developed a financial model that endows Ternion with the kind of reliability in everyday transactions that we’ve all come to expect from the funds in our wallets and bank accounts, creating a digital currency that incentivizes monetary transactions rather than the dreaded “hodling” that has plagued the cryptocurrency market for years.

Ultimately, we seek to advance mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by showing the world that their unpredictability can be managed, their niche use cases can be expanded, and their price can be maintained, all through natural market forces.


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