theCryptoWatch – Crypto SmartWatch Hardware Wallet Device (XCW)

The first hardware Crypto Wallet Watch

Review Score
ICO Price
0.174355 USD
0.001 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.034871 USD
0.0002 ETH
Soft Cap
200 ETH
Hard Cap
6,000 ETH
Pre ICO Start Date
1 June 2019
Pre ICO End Date
2 July 2019
Start Date
2 July 2019
End Date
3 August 2019

What is theCryptoWatch – Crypto SmartWatch Hardware Wallet Device?

The first hardware Crypto Wallet Watch

Hardware cryptographic watch
The device is based on reliable security features for storing cryptographic assets and supporting digital payments.
Secure Element (SE) is a protection against unauthorized interference.
The chip has been developed to withstand complex attacks and is able to reliably protect the hosting of apps and their confidential and cryptographic data.
SEs are usually used in credit cards, SIM cards, or ID cards.

CWOS– the most reliable operating system in the world.
Support of 85 coins + any ERC-20 token.
We are already working on our own CWOS operating system.
After release of the watch, we will replenish the number of available coins.

We pay great attention to design. There are 4 models available currently.
By the end of STO, we will show all possible color and strap options.
You will be able to choose the model you like.

Decentralised exchanges are the inevitable future. We plan to develop our own DEX.
You will be able to trade with any coin directly in our app, without worrying about security issues.

What does an investor get?
XCW – Utility Security Gibrid Token
Utility – You can buy watch with a token. The watch costs 400 XCW.
Security – token is also a security that provides you with the right to receive dividends.
At the beginning, the watch will only be sold for tokens.
Then it will be possible to purchase it using ordinary money (fiat and cryptocurrency). Thus, we will provide dividends for all our investors.
We will also ensure the buy-back of tokens through sales.

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