TheMuv (MUV)

The Muv is the Crypto to Have Right Now

Review Score
ICO Price
0.3 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
10000 USD
Hard Cap
300000 USD
Start Date
1 June 2023
End Date
30 June 2023

What is TheMuv?


The Muv Token was created on the Ethereum (ERC20) network on 4/9/23 with an official release 5/9/23 to eventually create an ecosystem where people will not only be able to buy and sell tokens, but be able to buy and sell products and services using the token and also converting tokens to fiat if needed so holders don’t need to feel forced to cash out. Crypto is trying to stand on it’s own, but we can’t do this if we are constantly in the traditional currency mindset.

The value will be in the token itself and the ecosystem we create. We will start this process by buying in ourselves while we develop the software to make these transactions possible. The Muv Token is backed by Muv Enterprises projects including Golf, retail, entertainment, apartments and more. We have at least 2 projects already in process with communication back and forth from the cities in Texas. We hope to be able to share more with the Muv community soon. We are launching with a total supply of 22 million and 5 million of that will immediately go into circulation.

The rest will be divided among key stakeholders that are dedicated to holding long term to leverage the token as an asset rather than cash out like typical projects. We will also allocate some to centralized exchanges when we start expanding to those exchanges. We also have 2% reflections so each transaction done on a decentralized exchange will have 2% of that transaction be distributed among all existing holders. 1% will go to the liquidity pool and 1% will be burned. We wanted to have a burn so the token is deflationary, but not burn so much that it would upset the holders. Please note this is on a decentralized exchange only and doesn’t apply to centralized exchanges, but we are hoping by the time it’s on a centralized exchange that this will be bigger than any token out there.

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