Tilcoin (TLC)

First Blockchain Platform of Modern Art

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
30,000,000 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
8 October 2018
Pre ICO End Date
29 October 2018
Start Date
8 October 2018
End Date
29 October 2018

What is Tilcoin?


Today’s rapidly-evolving blockchain-based technologies will soon make it easy to conduct business via the Internet in a simple, cheap, direct and safe way. Far-reaching changes are looming for many business processes. The art market is unlikely to sidestep this wave of progress.

The art and antiques markets have always been used as risk-hedging tools, accessible to a small circle of people who understand them well. The advent of the information society has brought a flood of new investors, but as the market has rapidly expanded, so has the influx of fakes, that sold so well to art neophytes.

Disparate communities, various experts and specialists, a large number of fakes and copies: this is what the market looks like today to the uninformed individual.

We know that the art and antiques markets have seen stable growth of between 8% and 10% annually and having such items in one’s investment portfolio can bring an investor an income tens or hundreds of times greater than the average mid-term investment return from standard 3 to 5-year investment instruments.

We know that the art and antiques markets combine the stability of traditional values with the chance to greatly increase one’s capital. For many centuries, people have always invested their money into works of art and antiques. But there has always been one fundamental problem: people who have tried to sell the works of art that they have bought in the past have learned that all that time they actually possessed a fake, and the resale value is a tiny fraction of the amount they invested.

Now, we have found a solution to this problem. TILCOIN is offering something extraordinary!

This year we are starting to reformat the art and antiques markets and, thanks to our efforts, you can plunge into the sublime world of beautiful art at the cost of a minimal investment, and with full guarantees of authenticity. As a part of the TILCOIN  project, we are creating a common, decentralized registry of co-owners of art and antiques, to also include all the members of the TILCOIN community, where an initial virtual investment in a fractional part of a picture will be the affordable price of owning an art fragment.

The authenticity of all paintings and antiques will be verified by a decentralized community of experts. All the information about them will be available through a convenient online account, which will list all the provenance data for the artwork (information about the artist, ownership history, past exhibitions, expert opinions, etc.), and include a record of all your operations within TILCOIN.

Now anyone who wishes to invest in art will be able to do so. Our platform will allow you, in just one click, to learn everything you need to know about a painting: the name of the artist, the title, a description, the current location, the contact information of the gallery or the museum (it is better not to keep a painting in the home or office, if it is a major asset), etc.

The information will be recorded in the Ethereum blockchain, the key characteristic of which is that the information entered cannot be altered. This makes the market open and understandable, attracting a new generation of investors (today’s art investors can be as young as 25!), which will trigger a new phase in the rapid growth of the art market, by stimulating even more rapid expansion.

The TILCOIN project will occupy strategic territory in this growing market, as it becomes the main platform to provide guarantees for market leaders, galleries and private individuals investing in antiques and works of art.

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