The Tipping Point of E-commerce on Blockchain

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21 September 2018
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10 October 2018
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11 October 2018
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30 October 2018

What is TIPO?

In the middle of 2017, TIPO Founders devoted ourselves to search for a new E-Commerce ecosystem with a single minded goal to solve above-mentioned problems.

Looking around, our competitors are by majority the “big sharks” with unbelievable financial abilities, undeniably resourceful, professional operations and support from the giants of the industry.  So what can we do to bring different value and claim a good chunk of market share among such players? How do we plan to accomplish our goal whilst driving an off-road pickup truck via forest routes while our competitors are cruising in Ferrarisi on their highway?

And our Biggest Concern is:

There are billions of Social Media Users out there and their Monetization Potential is limitless. Currently, they represent a form of idle labor and idle time; surfing through their Social Media for nothing. Despite going through a huge volume of Social Media interactions, influences and contents  users have no idea how to monetize these. And even worse, businesses do not seem to focus on harnessing such great potential. With this in mind, our Founders have shaped TIPO in order to deploy every available and unused resources. TIPO – an E-Commerce ecosystem allowing every member to play multiple roles thus receiving multiple benefits. TIPO – a platform on which members could generate passive and active income with ease. TIPO – a business knowing how to take advantage of Network Effect and Viral Loop to bring values to ourselves as well as every single individual involved.

With the application of our technologies as well as blockchain technology, TIPO is in the process of building a B2B2P2P (Business-to-Peer-to-Peer) Ecommerce ecosystem with full-cycle supply chain services and 100% online payment.

Below is the philosophy which guides TIPO through every decision we make:

– Optimization of logistics processes thus saving time and cost and benefiting every stakeholder (Merchant, Customer, Shipper, Advertiser, Publisher and Collaborator).

– Adding value to every individual joining the ecosystem by building a The Middle Man Cutting Out Business Model.

– With our technology applications and advancement, TIPO provides the Millennials with the opportunities to harness the potential of modernizations and create their own values.

– Mobilizing every idle resource thus creating values for society in general.

– Helping every individual within the ecosystem to generate more income thanks to the Multi-Role Stakeholder Model.

-Becoming an “Information Factory” and to standardize every procedure with the commitment to improve and deliver quality.

– Change the Perceived Quality of the industry, build the No Cash Culture and encourage Industry 4.0 Business Mindset.

Through working towards our philosophy, TIPO believes its vision of becoming the region’s leading B2P2P E-Commerce ecosystem by taking advantage of blockchain technology to operation optimization is a reachable goal.

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