Trio (Ordinals) (TRIO)

We Make it Easy to Inscribe Ordinals on Bitcoin

Review Score
ICO Price
1.9 USD
Pre ICO Price
1.0132 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Start Date
10 April 2024
End Date
12 April 2024

What is Trio (Ordinals)?


Thirteen years after Satoshi himself helped facilitate the first sale of a JPEG image for Bitcoin, OrdinalsBot launched in February 2023. Just one month after the launch of Ordinals on Bitcoin, OrdinalsBot pioneered inscription as a service and finally fulfilled Satoshi’s vision of the best way to collect and trade art on Bitcoin. But OrdinalsBot did not stop there.

While OrdinalsBot began by empowering collectors, artists, communities, founders, builders, and innovators to easily mint Ordinals, ‘inscriptions as a service’ is just a small part of the complete set of solutions provided today, and those available in the future.

Since its creation, OrdinalsBot has served more than 110k wallets and powered some of the largest and most renowned mints in Bitcoin’s history, including Runestones, Bitcoin Punks, and ORDI, the first BRC20 token to reach a $1bn market cap.

Today that track record of innovation continues with the launch of the world’s first utility-driven BRC20 token TRIO – deriving its name from the trio of product-lines OrdinalsBot offers:

  • Inscription minting, launchpad, and consumer services
  • API for enterprises
  • Marketplace for inscription and Ordinals trading

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