Tron Game Global (GTP)

Tron Game Global Pay

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ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
60,000,000 USD
Start Date
16 April 2019
End Date
31 May 2019

What is Tron Game Global?

What is Tron Game Global Pay Project?
Tron Game Global is the game payment platform through the Blockchain app wallet, developed on the basis of Blockchain Tron Network. It digitizes cash data and allows payment transactions to take place in seconds. Tron Blockchain is integrated with the App Wallet to make payment easy in seconds, allowing Crypto and Fiat conversion through Visa and Master credit card connection.
Tron Game Pay’s plan – GTP PAY will reach 2 billion users all over the world, it is marketed first on the entire Japanese social media network, followed by China and Europe, … GTP Pay Mission accomplished to become the world’s largest and most popular Crypto payment using Tron Blockchain platform.
* What problem does GTP solve?
GTP Pay solves the problem of paying over 2 billion Game Players and Game developers with global customers. Blockchain payment wallet security entire payment process, the current traditional payment issue.
– Game Global Wallet is an electronic wallet system. With this app, the GTG will always be in your own control! You can send payments through the extremely simple operation of scanning QR codes or by touching two phones together.
– Game Global Wallet is designed with easy principles, convenient, reliable, extremely fast and safe for users. The Global Wallet Game can be downloaded on Android and IOS app stores.
– Globlal Pay game is an application that integrates payment gateways in Game Tron Global’s system to help quickly execute trading orders through QR code scanning in the ecosystem.
Due to the application nature of blockchain technology, it addresses two witness rules and low cost. Next, today’s traditional financial system tools such as banks, credit cards, debit cards and cash are lacking in security, slow and inconvenient ways of trading. We bring a solution to all these problems.
Our network of entertainment gamers and sales agents provides a solution for businesses to earn extra income just by using the app and the only way to save on spending with payment fees. Online stores apply the “online payment system on App Wallet”. Most shoppers who pay will use the GTP Pay solution to help online Game businesses reduce costs and motivate people to shop online without having to pay cash and card payments.
We believe that GTP Pay is a revolutionary Blockchain enterprise, bringing solutions to the problems that are waiting.
* How can GTP run ?
GTP Pay application is being integrated E-wallet with many types of Cryptocurrecy. You can download it quickly on iOS and Android applications on smartphones
*  What is the role of GTP token in the ecosystem?
GTP token is the most convenient token today, is issued with a 2 billion token limit. is expected to reach 2 billion paid users in the next 5 years for the Entertainment industry. 60% use Research and Development, Holders can store GTP tokens in Tron Wallet or App Wallet GTP Pay wallets. Users can use GTP to pay for any payment needs on the GTP Pay App Wallet and switch between variable Crytocurrency. GTP token is being sold preferentially and the Latoken publicity is priced at $ 0.3 and 10% offer bonus. GTP Token will be exchanged with Top 10 reputation by Public Exchange in June 2019.

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