Gold products on the blockchain!

Review Score
ICO Price
1.12 USD
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
23,345,391 USD
Pre ICO Start Date
13 August 2019
Pre ICO End Date
24 September 2019
Start Date
24 September 2019
End Date
9 January 2020

What is TROY?

TROY – Fort Knox In Your PocketCrypto’s Only Producer Of Gold Products And Creator Of The World’s Most Secure Digital Vault

What is TROY?

1. Cryptocurrency
TROY brings real world value to cryptocurrency through its regulated GOLD token. TROY GOLD Tokens can be exchanged for physical gold or FIAT.

2. Producer Of Gold Products
TROY will produce gold products using 20,000oz of gold bullion supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia). Our customers can purchase these products using TROY’s GOLD Token.

3. Secure Digital Vault
The Troy Vault secures Troy’s Gold Token & other cryptocurrencies, storage for personal files and media. Stay up to date with the latest crypto & commodity news and market updates whilst managing all your transactions.

The Main Reason To Invest In TROY Is To Make Money And Here’s How:
1) TROY GOLD tokens are offered with as much as a 40% bonus

2) TROY’s 50% Token burn will continually increase the value of your remaining TROY GOLD tokens

3) The expected increased spot price of gold when you exchange TROY Gold tokens for gold products

4) You can recommend a friend through our affiliate program and earn Ethereum

5) Free competition and Bounty campaign where you can complete simple tasks to earn more tokens
In addition you can earn as much as 25% from the TROY Vault by recommending a friend.

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