UTime Token (UTMT)

Make Your Time Tradable and Sustainable

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0.1 USD
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Start Date
3 September 2019
End Date
8 October 2019

What is UTime Token?

The Value of Holding UTMT – The world’s FIRST digital currency tailor made for Chinese elderly care:

1. Link to the real economy: Use time tokens to send local caregiving services to yourself, your family members or friends in need

  • UTMT can be converted into regional UTMT.OO, and one unit of UTMT.OO can be exchanged for one hour of care service in the corresponding region. UTMT.OO holders can not only use the time tokens for themselves, but also transfer them to relatives or friends that need elderly care, thus turning their kindness into a practical gift. There are two service categories: home care and community care service. The recipient of home care is one person or a small group, while the recipient of community care is many persons. In either case, the care service may cover spiritual comfort, caregiver support, physical care, nursing, accompaniment, transportation, meal services, housework, health promotion, referral and introduction to resources,telephone care calls, etc.

2. With the foundation of a stable coin, UTMT’s exchange rate for regional services may increase as high as 10% annually

  • UTMT may be converted into regional UTMT.OO based on the conversion rates set by the Foundation, and during the first ten years after the initial token sales, the Foundation may raise the conversion rate as high as 10% per year based on the state of operation and feedback from the regional foundations. For example, in the first year 170 UTMTs can be converted to 1 UTMT.TW; in the 2nd year if the rate is raised by 10%, 153 UTMTs can be converted to 1 UTMT.TW. Therefore, those who obtain UTMT through the initial token sales may see the service time they may obtain through conversion grow over time.

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