Utopialand (UTPL)

Utopialand is a Crypto Currency Based on The Ethereum Blockchain

Review Score
ICO Price
1.307661 USD
0.0075 ETH
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
25,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
50,000,000 USD
Start Date
16 May 2019
End Date
16 August 2019

What is Utopialand?

For investors around the world, real estate has long been considered a source of significant, stable return, For the professionals who understand the rudiments of real estate, it is considered the best way to preserve wealth. The popularity of real estate investment is undeniable given its annual worldwide transaction volume of approximately US $660 billion, a figure that is steadily rising. All in all, the total wealth stored in real estate is estimated to run into trillions of dollars.

Real estate investments funds have been available since the 1960’s as popular investment opportunities reserved for those with substantial capital. A real estate investment fund is run by a company that owns, operates or finances income-producing real estate and will typically pass on income collected to investors via dividend payments or other investments/securities. The real estate market is a solid investment in today’s world. Showing consistent growth and giving investors financial security. UTOPIALAND project are building a next generation real estate investment platform based on blockchain technology, secured by real estate assets in all over the world. David Rockefeller, the grandson of the titan John D. Rockefeller, and Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, was quoted as saying; “We own it all!’ As he looked out at the Manhattan skyline from his penthouse office window in New York City. In 1066 A.D., William the Conqueror decrees that he owns all of the land in England after he defeated the Normans. United States history teaches us that seven out of the top ten richest U.S. presidents made their fortunes from the land they owned. What

David Rockefeller was really saying when he looked out his window across the beautiful Manhattan skyline was; if you own real estate, you own the world. Real estate has historically been one of the most reliable resources to grow your capital conservatively. However, only a few minority members of the elite class have been able to enter this exclusive segment of the market.

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