Veridium (CRB)

Automating the World’s Carbon Markets

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What is Veridium?

Humanity is facing a massive and urgent environmental challenge. Veridium Labs founders, Todd Lemons and Jim Procanik, have been preserving precious rainforests and unique biomes for over 10 years while leading one of the world’s largest carbon credit producers. Now, we’re calling upon industry experts like you to join us in achieving real-world solutions to address climate change. We believe through blockchain technology that we can work together to move towards an environmentally responsible economy.

About Veridium
Veridium is a collaborative initiative to create a regenerative economy that sustains our planet’s natural resources and reduces carbon emissions.

Our technology will turn industry-standard carbon offsets into freely tradeable tokenized assets–solving some of the biggest problems in the carbon credit market. In 2007, we founded InfiniteEARTH, a carbon credit producer and environmental protection and restoration corporation. Today, we work with many well-known customers like Microsoft, SAP, and Intuit. This uniquely positions us and our partners to automate the corporate carbon credit accounting and offsetting process across global supply chains, providing much needed transparency and fungibility to the carbon credit market. Through our partnerships with Stellar and IBM we are reducing the world’s carbon footprint – a huge step towards a truly sustainable economic model.

We are led by:
William Wei (CEO)- Previously senior software architect and enterprise consultant at Apple for over 12 years. Founder and CEO of two mobile companies: Mobile Apps Express, which developed cloud-based cross-platform iOS and Android applications, and Drupe Mobile, which built an enterprise mobility stack that was adopted by some of China’s top financial and insurance companies and the Chinese police.

Cameron Balahan (CTO)- Co-founder and CEO of Juliet Labs, a high frequency trading firm focused on US equity markets. Since 2010, Juliet has executed hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions on all major US exchanges across thousands of securities.

Todd Lemons (Chairman)- For the last 28 years, Todd has been a recognized specialist in the market development of natural resources in emerging markets with a particular focus on environmentally low impact projects. Todd has a demonstrated track record of identifying undervalued and underperforming assets in natural resource environments, particularly those in developing countries, and has led multiple ventures that materialize their untapped value.

Jim Procanik (Executive Director)- Co-founder of InfiniteEarth, a company dedicated to developing and managing tropical conservation land banks and provides environmental offsets and private label CSR solutions to companies across the globe. Along with Todd Lemons, Jim helped develop the first validated REDD+ project ever under the VCS and helped define the criteria by which all projects are measured. Founded Green Projects, Inc., a company developing new consumer behavior models through disruptive sustainable retail concepts.

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