Verifer (SPY)

Licensed Global Verifier

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
1,000 ETH
Hard Cap
30,000 ETH
Start Date
15 March 2018
End Date
31 December 2018

What is Verifer?


Verifer is on 2012 established investigation and verification company. Verifer provides AML, KYC, PEP and several Compliance verifications but also investigation reports from Companies, products, crypto-currencies etc. The Verifer team is comprised of professional researchers who are willing to go the extra mile to provide you with detailed and professional research services.

Verifer is producing two separate platforms, one designed so that we can speed up the verification process up to a dozen fold compared to the current one. Verifications takes major part of our turn over and industry is growing extremelly fast. Another platform has been made for ordering and re-selling product, ICO/IPO and company background investigations.

Verifer also combines expert research with the right an earning opportunity for our clients. If another investor wants the same information, they will be forwarded the research, and the original investor gets 50 percent of what is paid. This is an industry first. Whenever you had any research done, you would use it forget about it because it cannot be resold. However, Verifer offers its users an opportunity to share in the profit instead or replicating the same research.

This is a first in the professional research industry. Most other firms only provide you with research. After you invest, that research becomes irrelevant. However, with Verifer, you can sell your research to others. All you need is to set the price that you would like to resell at with no hindrances. You can set the price at 50 Spy tokens to attract more investors to purchase the research report from you through the platform. All this is done transparently using an immutable distributed ledger.

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