VIC Rewards (VIC)

The World’s First Marketplace driven by your Healthcare Rewards!

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1 September 2020
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30 September 2020
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1 October 2020
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15 October 2020

What is VIC Rewards?

The VIC Rewards Program is designed to reward Consumers, and Care Team members alike for adherence to and participation in their vitality plans to help them achieve a better healthier outcome, and therefore, to reduce healthcare costs worldwide.

We believe that you should be rewarded for keeping yourself healthy!

This won’t just benefit you as an individual, it can also benefit families, care givers, and your entire community. It can also help reduce healthcare costs for governments and healthcare organisations. VIC Rewards can drive positive healthcare outcomes in many ways.

Statistics today show that “productivity down”, “time off on sick leave”, and “depression/ mental health issues” being on the rise is costing governments billions of dollars every year, and its only getting worse. It is estimated that global spending on health will increase from US$9.21 trillion in 2014 to $24.24 trillion in 2040. It is expected per capita health spending to increase fastest in upper-middle-income countries, at 5.3% per year.

To create, drive and commoditize the VIC Rewards program, dClinic is linking the VIC Rewards to its PHB (Private Healthcare Blockchain) Eco-Systems. Although the PHB is a private secure blockchain because it manages healthcare data and transactions, through an API gateway, the VIC Rewards, operating on a Public Blockchain (ERC-20 in the first instance), can leverage good consumer healthcare behaviour, rewarding them as they participate and adhere to their care plans. Even dApps built on the PHB can transact and reward consumers. 

PHB and VIC Rewards are purposefully closely coupled, and although operating on different blockchains, private and public respectively, their co-dependence ensures value, relevance and success for positive healthcare outcomes.

And what good is being rewarded if you cannot enjoy the benefits of your hard work, so we created VIC Marketplace, an online shopping experience where you can use your earned or bought VIC to buy Products and Services from our premium Merchants and Partners that will enhance your journey to Vitality.

VIC Marketplace Where Your VIC (and Health) Has Real Value! “VIC”, IS Your True Utility Vitality Coin!

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