A Blockchain Platform Designed for Human Mobility

Review Score
ICO Price
Pre ICO Price
Soft Cap
4,500,000 EUR
Hard Cap
20,500,000 EUR
Start Date
1 October 2018
End Date
1 January 2019

What is VMC.AI?


The technological fundamentals of how we travel are changing rapidly. Large corporations are at the forefront of these developments. Driven by the goal of becoming the dominant solution, these corporations are building centralized ecosystems. Despite all their remarkable achievements, our global transportation infrastructure still contains many inefficiencies. Concepts like Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and peer to peer (p2p) car/ride sharing are still in an early phase. We make inefficient use of roads, vehicles and resources. Traffic jams, poorly connected regions, pollution and a far from perfect road safety are the natural consequences.

We introduce VMC CORE, a new blockchain platform. Designed for the future of human mobility, VMC CORE is open source, secure and decentralized by design. We use the PoET consensus algorithm to effectively achieve overall system reliability. VMC CORE is fuelled by the VAI token, that incentives participants to develop an autonomous mobility economy that belongs to the community. On the foundations of VMC CORE we build VMC GO, an open marketplace platform where developers can build DApps to offer mobility services. People and companies can generate VAI by connecting their vehicle to the network. Additionally, VMC provides a vehicle communication standard (VMC DRIVE) and framework that splits data and optimizes data validation. It drastically reduces bandwidth and increases the effectiveness of the data generated and required by autonomous vehicles. VMC DRIVE provides methods to optimize performance in low or no bandwidth areas and uses Local Area Blockchains (LABs) for fast validation of data and transactions between vehicles. VMC will define the future of human mobility.

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