Vuulr (VUU)

The most anticipated ICO of the year in the Film and TV segment, endorsed by Disney, ElevenSports & BBC Worldwide execs.

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ICO Price
0.013412 USD
0.00007692308 ETH
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0.013412 USD
0.00007692308 ETH
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
18,500,000 USD
Start Date
9 May 2018
End Date
31 May 2018

What is Vuulr?

What Is Vuulr?

Vuulr (pronounced View-lar) is building an infrastructure for the US$240b film & TV content industry; the largest global content rights marketplace supported by a digital supply chain built on blockchain.

What Problem Are We Trying To Solve?

Disney, Fox, Amazon, HBO, Facebook, Apple, your local broadcaster and others are all locked in a fierce battle for your attention – and the revenue it generates. The one thing they all agree on is that Content is King.

Globally, this industry spends US$240 billion p.a. on buying content, growing at 10% per year. Yet, they still do business the old way. Acquiring content takes 4-5 months and involves huge amounts of manual effort. 35-40% of that value is lost to the friction of the transaction today.

The US$62 billion Sponsorship industry is in a similar state. Deals between buyers and sellers take months to conclude, with little selection science and long drawn-out offline negotiations. This inefficiency presents an exciting opportunity for VUULR to develop a Blockchain-based solution to reinvent how the industry operates. Vuulr’s Platform uses a two-pronged approach to create the new broadcast content economy:

How Will We Solve This Problem?

The VUULR MARKETPLACE — will bring content owners, buyers and sponsors (brands) together digitally. It will enable content rights to be transacted globally, accelerating a process that takes months to complete offline today, into one that can be completed online in less than a day.

The VUULR SUPPLY CHAIN — built on the Ethereum Blockchain, will provide a trustable protocol, a distributed data layer, and a suite of dApps for managing and securing the industry’s key data as a single shared ledger. The Vuulr Supply Chain is an implementation of the industry-accepted MovieLabs Digital Distribution Framework (MDDF).

The VUULR REWARDS PROGRAM — engages film and TV fans to enable them to monetise their passion for entertainment content. Fans can earn VUU tokens when they help with the translation and validation of the metadata essential to support the industry, in the delivery of the content to consumers.

In addition to transforming the way the industry works today, Vuulr’s Blockchain-based approach will unlock new opportunities for the industry, e.g. new revenue sharing models enabled by a single, shared, and trusted view of what the audience is watching

The VUU Token

VUU tokens have 3 main utilities in the Vuulr Ecosystem: 1) Denominate Transactions, 2) Pay Subscriptions for services, 3) Reward film & TV fans for their effort in contributing to metadata refinery.

The VUU token was designed to address problems with token velocity in cryptocurrency. The team at Vuulr understands that adoption of cryptocurrencies for large corporations will take time and have therefore designed a unique token economy.

To ensure the rewards pool will remain attractive to our community, Vuulr will use our profits to buy back the tokens from listed exchanges to reload into the pool on a monthly basis. Token holders are also provided the option to park their tokens with our multiplier accelerator to reap the maximum value of their tokens.

Tokens Tradable after ICO Completion

The Vuulr ICO is the first ICO on JFSA-licensed QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control platform, which is integrated into cryto-exchange QRYPTOS. The VUU tokens will be tradable on Qryptos shortly after ICO closes, ensuring liquidity.


The product prototype is currently in testing as per Vuulr’s roadmap, and is on target to launch its MVP with the support of key industry partners in Q3, 2018.


Vuulr features a superstar team from media, advertising and tech backgrounds, led by Ian McKee, a successful entrepreneur in the tech, marketing and media industries. The team understands the market and how to solve the problems holding the industry back.


Vuulr is strongly supported by Quoine, responsible for the world’s most advanced trading platform. Vuulr has received coverage from the likes of Business Insider, NASDAQ, Cointelegraph and more!

Endorsements & Partnerships

Vuulr has received endorsements from former and current senior management of major players in the industry including Disney, BBC Worldwide, ElevenSports and many more. The team is already working with major partners, to be announced at a later date.

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