Wish Chain (WISH)

Measuring the Value of Experience

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27 August 2019
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30 August 2019

What is Wish Chain?


WishChain Structure
Cryptocurrency with high price volatility is difficult to be used in the real world. This is the problem that most cryptocurrencies are facing today. In order to solve this problem, we have two different types of cryptocurrencies: WishChain, which is implemented through a private blockchain with no price fluctuation, and WishChain, which is used to maintain a public blockchain.

Public Blockchain
WishChain, Decentralized, Transparent, Utility
WishChain is a public blockchain platform in which everyone can participate. It is decentralized and provides incentives for maintaining network and creating blocks to the participants. In addition, it keeps the transaction ledger of the blockchain transparent and secure, preventing forgery and alteration.

Experience Certification & Transaction Proof
WishChain, Fast transaction, Stable value
WishChain is basically used to prove authentication and trading. It will also be used as the main stable payment method in the WishChain store. In order to make up for the weakness in the stable coin, we will share the profits from the WishChain store with WishChain users.

Contents, Experiences, and Interactions
WishChain applications are to enhance user’s experiences and enable more convenient usage of WishChain. Each dApp providing contents must be implemented in the form of ‘Side-Chain’ which is a variation of off-chain implementation in order to solve problems of network disability, scaling, or hacking.

WishChain Ecosystem
WishChain Ecosystem creates an ecosystem by adding value to the user’s experience through interaction between users, experience, and ecosystem.

WishChain is the entire ecosystem structure of the WishChain Store, including Steampunk and Icube, in the Wishchain ecosystem. Customers can browse all their footsteps through private authentication and payment services and the WishChain store.


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