Wisp (WSPR)

More Human. More You.

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What is Wisp?


Wisp is a fully conversational artificial intelligence assistant for the modern day home. Fully integrated and connected with our homes as well as service providers inside and outside the building, Wisp provides us with a truly freeing experience of the next stage of civilized living. It combines connected devices, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an ecosystem of ‘integrated living’ available in the open market to end users, homeowners and property developers.

Wisp allows us to interact with our living space (lights, temperature, entertainment, kitchen appliances, security systems, etc.), the building’s facilities (the property manager, security desk, parking services, etc.), and a variety of the city’s local services (booking a conference hall, reserving a table at the café, calling for a taxi service or Uber, order from restaurants and grocery stores, etc.).

All of this can be done through regular conversational speech or simple hand gestures. Wisp doesn’t require specific memorized commands to understand what you want; it is able to understand natural human language, and comprehend open-ended requests. Under the hood, Wisp converts all of the spoken language into contextual intent, which the underlying system is able to process. It draws all the necessary instructions from regular speech, connects with relevant resources and executes the desired task.

Wisp embodies the persona of a pixie that assists us around our living spaces – warm and inviting, yet competent and capable of taking care of our needs. It is constantly evolving, learning to interpret new ways we ask different questions. It recognizes the user by their voice and remembers their personal preferences. By constantly updating its database about each of us, our preferences and habits, Wisp becomes more and more proficient in providing personalized assistance to each and every one of us.

Wisp understands our needs and lifestyle. The system offers sophisticated, contextualized conversations and actions built on learned approaches of your identity, historical data, profile and, most importantly, intent. The more context Wisp can understand, the better it can handle your open-ended requests. Its machine learning capability allows it to develop over time. It also knows whether you are talking to it or to someone else.

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