XBrick (XBC)

Crypto to Crypto Exchange

Review Score
ICO Price
0.017435 USD
0.0001 ETH
Pre ICO Price
0.011624 USD
0.00006666667 ETH
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
50,000 ETH
Start Date
4 May 2018
End Date
24 May 2018

What is XBrick?

XBrick has a world-class technical team. Partnering with professional advisers and sophisticated investors, and based on a well-developed trading system, XBrick is building a platform for high quality blockchain-based assets to create a secure, reliable, and efficient global crypto currency exchange.

XBrick Exchange is currently in operation at xbrick.io and we’re creating a platform utility token XBC and to go for a Token Sale. Welcome to visit our Token Sale website xbc.xbrick.io and read the Whitepaper for a better understanding of our product – the XBC.

XBrick’s high-performance trading engine is capable of processing more than 2 million orders a second.

XBrick has teamed up with our strategic partner LiquidAlpha, who are seasoned traders and developers with more than a decade of market making and high frequency trading experiences. Together we have been developing a sophisticated technology which continuously scans and gathers tradable liquidity from channels around the world to form an easy and accessible Global Consolidated Order Book (GCOB) that displays the best market prices and depth for XBrick’s users, as well as a Dynamic Liquidity Providing Engine (DLPE) which is designed to automatically provide liquidity for our users when needed.

The XBrick team is comprised of blockchain supporters with a deep sense of social responsibility. Consequently, in addition to offering you the services set out in this paper, we will also be endeavoring to promote blockchain technology, which may include educating the public on the benefits of blockchain, hosting global blockchain forums and summits, creating university scholarships, and encouraging researchers to explore blockchain technology.

XBrick expects increased global regulation of crypto currencies and the exchanges on which they trade. XBrick welcomes such increased regulation which is likely to enhance the market position of sophisticated platforms that exhibit strong corporate governance. An area of regulation that is likely to be subject to early regulatory tightening is in relation to customer identification and the prevention of money laundering. XBrick has sought to partially future-proof its operations in this regard by implementing customer identification procedures that are greater than currently required by Australian regulation, despite XBrick not currently being subject to Australian anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations.

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