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What is Xsure?

Xsure LTD has been incorporated in the UK at the beginning of 2018 and has the objective to develop insurtech products. These will address the issue of transparency and time consuming operational cost of claims processing using artificial intelligence for the growing market of internet of things.

Blockchain has emerged as a disruptive technology revolutionising the way in which companies think in term of identity, trust and currency. In this whitepaper, we will analyse how the applications of this technology affects the future demand of custom created insurance pools , stressing the implications it has on it insurance and IoT industry.

We believe that using Xsure blockchain/AI technology to custom-tailor insurance products to insurance seekers are the answer to the modern insurance market. In an industry riddled with transparency and efficiency issues, the Xsure platform aims to simplify and modernise the insurance application and recording process with the aid of blockchain technologies and Machine Learning algorithms (which are described in detail throughout the paper).

The advent of blockchain is a revolution of online information, that must be exploited and explored to its full potential in the IoT era. Xsure uses the blockchain in a new innovative way by adding personal information transactions into the chain while simultaneously applying that data back into the Xsure platform with machine learning. By taking this approach Xsure can create smart contracts, custom agreements, and more.

Therefore, we are convinced one of the best fields of the Xsure application is the insurance industry, an industry that would majorly benefit from the transparency and data privacy proffered by this decentralised chain.

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