YOKdata (YOKC)

Data Storage

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0.15 EUR
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Start Date
1 March 2019
End Date
30 April 2019

What is YOKdata?


YOKdata is a project by Support2U, a family business founded in 2001, developer of various web- applications, like Secundo (business management & CRM), SoGolf (administration for golf associations) and SoClub.

At Support2U we value (y)our privacy! In our opinion too many ‘people’ think they should be able to monitor ‘us’ by ploughing through (y)our (private) data which we all host in the cloud.

That is why we developed YOKdata. To protect your data!

Your documents, pictures etc. will be encrypted and stored using blockchain technology in combination with your own personal key(s). Once stored, your files will only be accessible by you and you alone, since you are the only one with the proper encryption key.

  • With the upcoming Initial Coin Offering of the YOKC tokens, we aim to fund further development of YOKdata.
  • YOKC token holders will have a discount on YOKdata subscriptions and will have priority access to all (future) services provided.
  • The YOKdata platform is ready and up-and-running.
  • You are able to register for a free trial subscription on the YOKdata website.
  • At the moment of writing this WhitePaper, and just 4 months after the launch of the YOKdata beta- website, we have over 300 subscribers in 55 countries who use YOKdata on a regular basis.

Our team is led by Dixon van Iersel, owner of Support2U and IT-expert, who has almost 40 years of experience in ICT.

The YOKdata project is supported by Alticom BV, part of Cellnex Telecom, through the distribution of our storage facilities over the 24 media towers (datacenters) of Alticom in The Netherlands.

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