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Name Description Review Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft Cap Hard Cap Start Date End Date
Token Play
NFTs & Gaming Platform build on Binance Smart Chain
 0.0075 USD
A Revolutionary 3D Gaming, With an Intrinsic Play-to-Earn Algorithm in a Hyper-Realistic Metaverse
First on-chain strategic role-playing NFT game developed by Metagame Arena Studio
2021/11/30 2021/11/30
Meta Network
Buy, Store, Collect NFTs, Exchange and Earn Crypto
300 BNB 500 BNB 2021/12/06 2021/12/09
Ninja Token Coffee
Financial NFT Game in the Metaverse
NFT Stars
Multichain NFT marketplace
Ignite Tournaments
PlaytoEarn Mobile Esports Tournament Organization & Streaming App
Dreams Quest
Your Quest awaits you
Gaming & Finance come together & create #GameFi
2021/08/20 2021/09/18
Get Ready Defi, NFTs, Staking
1.85 2021/10/28 2021/12/25
The full-stack NFT & DeFi platform for creative industries
World's first carbon-neutral video and photography NFT marketplace
2021/12/15 2021/12/15
X World Games
The Virtual World Of The New Internet
Buffy Inu
Meme token that will be investigating the true identity
0.5 USD 350000 USD 1000000 USD
Brand New Innovative Play-to-Earn NFT Trading Card GameFi project
Monster Village
NFT, Token & Game
40000 USD 200000 USD
The first NFT vault
Cloud NFT
Design, create, store and trade unique NFTs easily with zero fees!
0.32 USD
Blockchain Brawlers
The Rowdiest Play-to-Earn Game in the Metaverse
2022/03/27 2022/03/30
HorsX is The Next Generation Multi-Wallet System
0.25 BUSD
Columbus Token
The light of the sun is the future of crypto discovery
HUMU Crypto
The blockchain based platform connects creators trough NFT
30345 USD 4551945 USD 2021/08/03 2021/09/22
Truly-Play and Truly-Earn
2022/04/11 2022/04/15
Solar Systems
Build your solar system with NFT
500 BNB 3500 BNB 2021/08/08 2021/09/15
Taking NFT Gaming and Meta-Verses to Mass Adoption
Play to Earn Metaverse of Adorable Pets
The First Convertible NFTs
1000000 USD 20000000 USD 2022/05/01 2022/05/31
Puppy Planet
The New Generation Of Play to Earn
Sportemon Go
NFT-augmented Reality Sports Trading Platform
0.000000019 USDT 100000 USDT 1000000 USDT 2021/12/10 2021/12/20
Catnip Money
Magic Internet Money 2.0
0.000001 USD 102582 USD 138310 USD 2021/04/27 2021/04/27
Deflationary token
0.0000025 BNB 200 BNB 400 BNB
The Spacerocket Universe Coin & NFTs
0.000009345 USD 1000000 USD 2000000 USD 2021/07/22 2021/09/30
Quitriam Finance
Explore the Blockchain Verse and Trade Your Loot
0.00001 USD 1500000 USD 2022/04/05 2022/05/09
NFT Marketplace for Cars
0.00001 USD 1000000 USD 2000000 USD 2021/07/20 2021/07/31
Play to Earn Evo
0.00005 MATIC 50000 USD 112000 USD 2021/10/12 2021/11/12
Your Bridge To The Future
0.00007764 USD 3100000 USD 4000000 USD 2022/02/22
Easy to Buy, Sell & Create NFTs
0.0001 USD 70000 USD 1000000 USD 2021/10/17 2021/12/30
Ulti Arena
NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists, Developers and Players
0.0001 USD 20000000 USD 2021/09/12 2021/09/12
Frist BIT none-Fungible Coin
NFT + 3D + Avatar
0.0001 USD 150000 USD 15000000 USD 2021/07/01 2021/09/30
Token for the Hellbound Series
0.000120962 USD 2021/12/01 2022/02/01
Make Easy to Buy, Sell and Create NFTs
0.00015 USD
Revolutionary Metaverse P2E Game Built on Binance Smart Chain
0.000272 USD 2022/02/24 2022/02/26
NFTs & Metaverse world
0.0003 USD 52500000 USD 2022/01/24 2022/02/20
Biometrically Managed Self Sovereign Identity on the Blockchain
0.00045 USD 405000 USD 2021/11/15 2021/11/16
A multi-chain crypto wallet, NFT market
0.0005 USD 100000 USD 400000 USD 2021/06/06 2021/06/30
Next Earth
The Only Blockchain Based Virtual Land Ownership Platform On The Exact Copy Of Earth
0.0005 USD 2100000 USD 3500000 USD 2022/01/22 2022/01/27
Aiko ART
The First Collection of the AIKO Brand
0.000544 SOL 2022/03/23 2022/03/23
Making NFT for Indonesian artists
0.000575 USDT 30000000000 Rp 300000000000 Rp 2021/11/29 2021/12/19
Exclusive Digital Members Only Club
0.000686667 USD 111111 MATIC 666666 MATIC 2022/01/20 2022/02/03
Axl Inu
The Ultimate DEX Platform for You
0.00075 USD 2021/12/28 2021/12/29
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