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Name Description Review Score ICO Price Pre ICO Price Soft Cap Hard Cap Start Date End Date
Drivero - car sharing platform
2.00 0.174355 USD 0.087177 USD 500 ETH 2018/04/10 2018/05/10
Bounty Hunter
Advertisers Provider via Internet
2.00 0.581183 USD 2017/12/04 2017/12/28
Mavo Token
Mavo is an online marketplace paving the new way for everyone to access and trade Lots of Entertainment Intellectual Property base on blockchain technology
Gold Mine
During our Initial Coin Offering everyone is able to buy our GoldMine Tokens. The earned money is used to fund of the exploration.
1.98 1.743548 USD 0.871774 USD 8000 ETH 2017/10/01 2017/10/10
Unfortunately, success has made him so super busy, he’s forgotten one very important person in his life — HIMSELF.
1.98 0.174355 USD 0.174355 USD 2000 ETH
Proxy Card
Everything crypto. Everything secure.
New Royals
Ultra-Luxury E-Commerce Platform
1.90 0.18 USD 2,400,000 USD 16,000,000 USD 2018/02/28 2018/04/11
Global Liquidity And Settlement System
Market research describes the organized effort to gain and analyze information about target markets and customers.
1.88 523064.348712 USD 871773.91452 USD 100,000,000 SVC 2018/04/20 2018/05/11
Dharma is a generic, permissionless protocol for issuing, underwriting, and administering debt instruments as cryptographic tokens.
Wizard.Ai Turns Feedback Into Insights.
1.75 2018/10/01 2018/12/31
We take control of road traffic problems by adopting a cryptocoin smartphone-based democratic governance model.
1.72 0.634017 USD 0.634017 USD 4 000 000 ZTT 300,000,000 ZTT 2017/09/15 2017/10/15
Universal Off-chain Scaling Solution
FIX token initial coin offering (ICO) is your source of diversified returns.
Windmill Enterprise
Presenting The Cognida Network
1.68 2018/07/20 2018/08/10
Protex gives you complete control over your data and what you wish to secure.
1.65 0.01453 USD 0.008718 USD
Register the Currency All Over the World
1.65 2018/10/29 2019/03/29
Online Berry
Region Electric and Engineering
1.65 3000000 USD 14000000 USD 2018/12/09 2019/04/20
Reborn Bloc
All Wastes Can Be Re-Born
1.62 2018/07/16 2018/08/31
Andra Capital
Democratizing Venture Capital
1.60 1 USD
Change Malaysia via Cryptocurrency
1.60 0.3 USD 0.2 USD 257,750,000 USD 2018/04/04 2020/02/20
Arbitrage Crypto Trader
For Trading On Two Exchanges Simultaneously.
1.50 0.002325 USD 0.001395 USD 1,000 ETH 10,000 ETH
First services exchange project based on blockchain technology and smart contract.
1.47 0.435887 USD 0.435887 USD 2017/12/01 2018/01/28
Trading Partner Solutions
1.45 2018/12/12 2019/01/26
Creating a new tradable asset class with liquidity.
Cobol Network
Decentralized Autonomous Transportation
1.38 0.033274 USD 3,000 ETH 10,500 ETH 2018/05/24 2018/06/07
Welcome to the new fundraising era powered by blockchain technology.
1.33 2017/11/17 2018/03/01
The Decentralized Social Network.
1.27 0.34871 USD 0.34871 USD
Lynx Network
Solving the biggest problems with networking and business.
Voting redefines the voting system to make the voting more trustworthy.
Built for communities to have their own local system of food distribution.
1.07 0.174355 USD 0.174355 USD
Personally I HATE when people refer to digital tokens as Tulips. If they don't understand how digital tokens will revolutionize the world, that's their
0.68 0.017435 USD 0.017435 USD
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